Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Polishing System - Protech Car Care

We've just recently uploaded a new video demonstrating the Polishing of a Savanna Green Subaru Forester.
As of recent times we have seen services carried out by other places that just don't match up to the quality that a cut and polish should be. This video that is linked below demonstrates a very extensive polishing system, and one that is done properly and professionally. Not only have we used the finest and most advanced polishing products and systems, the amount of time spent to achieve such results that we accomplish at Protech Car Care is well above the standard.

Protech Car Care Polishing System:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Protech Car Care Centre provides Free Car Wash for Veterans and Service Personnel on Remembrance Day

Friday 11th November

Protech Car Care Centre provides Free Car Wash
for Veterans and Service Personnel
on Remembrance Day

Protech Car Care Centre has joined the international Grace for Vets program which honours veterans and current military service personnel by providing FREE car washes on November 11th.

‘Giving away free car washes is the least we can do to give back to these people that have served their country and make Australia safe’, says  Greg Trengove of Protech Car Care Centre

Grace for Vets is a not-for-profit organisation that gives away FREE car washes to veterans and current military men and women on November 11th each year in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia

The program was founded by a USA car wash operator in 1998, starting at one site.  Last year there were 101,537 veterans cars were washed at over 1200 locations across the United States and Canada.

Australia has joined the program for the first time this year through the Australian Car Wash Association (ACWA); and Protech Car Care Centre is one of many car washes across the country that is involved.

The National President of ACWA, Mr Greg Cummins, encourages all car wash businesses to demonstrate their thanks and respect to veterans, war widows and current serving personnel by taking part in this program.  ‘We hope to wash over 10,000 veterans cars in Australia this year’ says Mr Cummins.  ‘and Protech Car Care can help us try to achieve our goals.’

‘The program is simple, and based on honour’, says Greg Trengove of Protech Car Care.  ‘Just come along on Friday 11th November, tell us you are a Veteran; and get a free car wash.’

Picture above is of Mike Mountz, founder of Grace for Vets, with Chris Keating, RSL President, Burleigh Heads

Protech Car Care are located at Factory 4, 393 Dorset Rd Boronia, ( 9762 5500
Paint Protection Car Detailing specialists in Melbourne have been involved in the industry for over 25 years.
About the Australian Car Wash Association
The Australian Car Wash Association’s mission is to support and encourage responsible vehicle washing which minimizes water use and prevents pollution of our waterways.  A list of Member Car Wash locations can be found at: 

For more information, contact Greg Trengove, at Protech Car Care

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hand Car Washing

Very important to take your time when hand washing your new car, Always thoroughly rinse your car first. Mix two to three capfuls of a good quality automotive car wash.and a new sponge.Two buckets is good if you can do this once mixed with your car wash the other one with fresh clean water so you can keep rinsing your sponge. Start from the top doing all the roof first and then boot and bonnet, then all the windows and  then do all the sides halfway down right around . Always do your lower sections last right around. Keep rinsing your sponge as you are going .Always use a separate sponge and bucket do your wheels, never use mag cleaner or abrasive brushes on your wheels. Wash Mitts are great for washing wheels. Then throughly rinse your car. Next step is to chamois the exterior with a good quality synthetic chamois you can purchase from you local auto store. Having your car hand car washed at a Professional car detailer is even better.

Regards Greg Trengove
Protech Car Care Centre