Monday, August 23, 2010

Hand Car Washing

Very important to take your time when hand washing your new car, Always thoroughly rinse your car first. Mix two to three capfuls of a good quality automotive car wash.and a new sponge.Two buckets is good if you can do this once mixed with your car wash the other one with fresh clean water so you can keep rinsing your sponge. Start from the top doing all the roof first and then boot and bonnet, then all the windows and  then do all the sides halfway down right around . Always do your lower sections last right around. Keep rinsing your sponge as you are going .Always use a separate sponge and bucket do your wheels, never use mag cleaner or abrasive brushes on your wheels. Wash Mitts are great for washing wheels. Then throughly rinse your car. Next step is to chamois the exterior with a good quality synthetic chamois you can purchase from you local auto store. Having your car hand car washed at a Professional car detailer is even better.

Regards Greg Trengove
Protech Car Care Centre

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